Popular kenyan preacher who booked entire Kenya Airways plane for followers

The head of the Ministry of Holiness and Repentance church, Prophet David Owuor, flew to Angola for a crusade Church members who filled out...
Raila odinga car

Details of Raila odinga 45M armoured lexus LX570

Raila Odinga owns a cool armoured car that shows off how rich he is And him being a leader of opposition being safe in...

Inside prophet Awour Mansion in Runda worthy ksh350 Million

Prophet David Owuor is one of Kenya's most influential preachers, and spreading the gospel earned him fame and fortune. Owuor leads a life a few...
Mercy Chebeni

Youngest senetor ever languishing in the cold. Is it end of era?

Former ODM party Nominated Senator Mercy Chebeni ( Photo Courtesy) Though she was in the Senate for a full term, former ODM party Nominated Senator...

Powerful minister in kenya who died lonely and poor. Here is why

Former Rangwe MP Prof. Joseph Pius Ouma Muga who died in 2018 ( Photo Courtesy) Professor Pius Ben Joseph Ouma Muga fits so well in...

Top officer loses here statehouse joob after Ogolla death. What next for her ?

Former deputy Aide-de-camp to President William Ruto, Lieutenant Colonel Damaris Agnetta ( Photo Courtesy) She was thrust into the limelight in 2022 soon after President...

Meet the powerful brother of Fred Matiang’i and job he does

There is no doubt CS Fred matiang'i was one of the powerful figures in Jubilee government Managing to earn trust from President Uhuru Kenyatta. Looking...
Nicholas biwott daughter

Kenyan billionare Daughter who rejected his father’s inheritance

Ugly court battles often characterise the inheritance process for Kenya’s prominent families. It was therefore a surprise to many observers after the daughter of former...
Raila odinga and jaramogi oginga odinga

Jaramogi Odinga final words to son Raila odinga revealed

Former Prime Minister and Azimioleader Raila Odinga has disclosed the final words his father Jaramogi Odinga told him before he passed away. In his book...

Unique thing Rachel Ruto, Margaret kenyatta and ida odinga share

Sometimes you can spot a successful woman without knowing anything about her. It's not the outward accoutrements like having nice things, but how she...

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