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Ruto powerful close friends who advise him behind scenes


The president’s daily routine heavily relies on a key figure within their inner circle whom they depend on. The personal friends of Kenya’s President Samoei Ruto have sparked significant reactions on social media, with many Kenyans expressing their thoughts. According to Fred Kiptanui, who has known Ruto since the 1990s when they were officials of Y.K 92, “Ruto doesn’t keep friends for long. He expects unquestioning loyalty but doesn’t reciprocate. Either you serve his interests or you’re gone.” Rumors have been swirling about the close associates and long-term friends of the president, with the names mentioned belonging to well-known individuals. Let’s delve deeper into this.

There are, however, a select few individuals who have stood by his side throughout his entire political career. Some have been with him since his school days.

1 Silas Simotwo

In the 1980s, during their time in high school, William Ruto, a prominent figure in Kenyan politics, and Simotwo, a successful businessman, forged a deep and enduring friendship that has transcended the years and evolved into a close-knit familial bond. This relationship has stood the test of time, with the two individuals becoming an integral part of each other’s lives.

Their collaborative efforts led to the establishment of the African Merchant Assurance Company (AMACO) in the mid-1990s. This venture significantly contributed to the growth and success of AMACO, which is now recognized as one of the premier insurance companies in Kenya. Simotwo, who shares Ruto’s origins in Uasin Gishu County, currently holds the esteemed position of chairman at AMACO, further cementing their business partnership and friendship.

Despite the inevitable occasional conflicts that may arise, their enduring friendship has seen them navigate through challenges and effectively reconcile their differences, as attested by sources such as the African report

2 Farouk Kibet

Farouk is known as President Ruto’s right-hand man. Holding the title of second in command, he wields significant influence and controls access to President Ruto and the state house. Despite never taking on a political leadership role in Kenya, Farouk has maintained a consistently low profile. He is known for leading a high-profile lifestyle and possessing significant wealth.

Farouk was mentioned by Fatou Bensouda at the Hague in relation to post-election violence cases. He was accused of invading an Eldoret town police station and interfering with witnesses of the International Criminal Court in 2013. He also allegedly accepted 700 million Kenyan shillings from N.Y.S scandal suspects. He is often described as a dictator who commands powerful people and has the ability to demote ministers without facing consequences.

3 Oscar Sudi

In President William Ruto’s administration, Oscar Sudi is a well-known figure in Kenya and is perceived to have a close relationship with the president. Sudi has emerged as a significant player in the intricate power dynamics at the State House. His presence on the same military plane as the President has reinforced the belief that he holds favor with the President. When questioned about his actions, Sudi explained that traveling in official government helicopters was not particularly challenging for him as he was familiar with such arrangements.

During the national address following General Francis Ogolla’s tragic chopper accident, Oscar Sudi was seen standing beside the President, prompting questions about the nature of his involvement in such significant national moments. Sudi’s close proximity to power has sparked curiosity, with many seeking to understand the exact role he plays in President Ruto’s administration and his motives.

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