Why the squad protecting president is very dangerous

Before the president travels to a certain area, his security team usually does the risk and threat analysis The president once out of state...

Scientists warn Africa will split into two continents. Here are details

It’s easy to forget that the earth beneath our feet is constantly moving – that the continents we stand on are little more than...

Current top job former deputy chief Justice Nancy Barasa does

Former Deputy Chief Justice Dr Nancy Barzzz who was suspended in 2011 ( Photo Courtesy) She made history when she became the first ever Deputy...
Center vs centre

Untold difference between centre and center

Precision in language is a vital aspect of research writing. One area where confusion often arises is the difference between “center” and “centre.” In...

Influential man who owns citi hoppa buses in Nairobi

Citi Hopper is a Limited Company which is duly registered. Citi Hoppa started operations in March 23rd 2004, with four buses. It grew exponentially two...

Meaning of Airbnb rooms and property owners

Are you currently taking advantage of Airbnb? Have you considered it? Are you unsure about what it even is? Since its beginnings in 2008,...
Dinner and supper differences

Differrence between Dinner and supper

It’s evening and you are ready for your last meal of the day. Will that meal be your dinner or your supper? Is there...

People who run citizen TV behind the scenes

Citizen TV is a Kenyan free-to-air television channel owned by Royal Media Services and broadcasting mostly in English and Swahili. It was started in...
Lake Victoria

How lake victoria was called before it was changed by Europeans

Lake Victoria is an African gem. Bordering Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania, this expansive body of water stretches into the horizon – appearing more like...

Being listed in Crb can be dangerous. Here are effects

Information stored in CRB - Monthly basis credit information on all existing and new credit facilities granted to a person(borrower) by the banks, financial...

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