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My mother came home drunk with men who then force themselves into me?


Felister Wangui has narrated how her mother used to come home drunk with men, after she slept those men would turn to her and force themselves on her. Unfortunately when she told her in the morning she would tell her she was lying.

According to her story her mother was married happily and got two boys and one girl (me). When the marriage failed, her mother left the two boys with the father and went to live with her. she says that her mother was always drunk and she gave birth to further two kids.

she would leave the house in the morning and come late at night drunk. She says that her young brother became a street boy and he used to collect food from the dustbin clean it and eat it because her mother didn’t care for them.

She says that it reached a point where her mother started coming back home with men and they would do their things while they were sleeping. whenever her mother would come home at night with these men they would wait for her mother to sleep and later force themselves on her

Felister says that in the morning she would tell her mother she would abuse her. Fleischer says that after she finished class eight she ran away from home and started working as a house girl later she got married and went and picked up her siblings from her mother.

She said that until now her mother hasn’t changed and they don’t have a good relationship yet but she hopes that one day they will reconcile and be a happy family.

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