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Ugandan women explain why they win in love and keeping husbands


Some hours ago Lynn Ngugi interviewed Ugandan lady who talked about their life as Ugandan women and why they always win when it comes to love making and taking care of a man. Her name is Doreen Nyamurigicha and she is a sexologist working in Uganda. According to her, she feels it’s high time to dignify conversations about intimacy because many people feel it’s not okey to talk about it in public.


She decided to start talking about it after she was dumped by a man whom she loved very much. She knew that she was not left because of intimacy because in Uganda they are taught on how to make love with a man and no man can leave them for that. She said in their culture they are only taught on how to pleasure a man and not how to find pleasure for themselves.

By the age of 24 years, she was already taught everything about intimacy since from when they are teenagers they are made aware of what intimacy is. They are taught to be their own allies and they are completely aware of how their bodies work in every aspect. They are also taught femininity, how to take care of their bodies especially the private parts and they do all that using herbs not chemicals.

After doing her degree in sexology, she realized that they were only taught on how to please a man rather than being taught on how to be happy also. She made it clear that Uganda women can have many orgasm because they understand their body well and they know what can make them feel satisfied very fast. They are also taught on how to make a man last longer or last a shorter time during intimacy.

She is therefore advising men to understand their women well, so that they can know what to do and make them happy easily. She also said the food people eat matters in intimacy and people should always eat healthy food. Watch the full video below for the exclusive interview and share your views with us.


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