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What happens when you feed your hatched chicks with sugar solution


Poultry farming is one of most common business es people engage in to make a living. Success in the business needs determination and hard work to make ends meet.

Taking care of newly hatched chicks needs experience. When baby chickens hatch, they actually eat the yolk and the membrane of their eggshell, which provides them with lots of very valuable nutrients! But immediately they are hatched, one needs to find a way to keep them healthy.

Here is a reason why you should feed your hatched chicks with sugar solution

Sugar is considered as an energy as well as economical substitute for corn in poultry feeds because it has high energy value. On top of that, Sugar syrup acts as an instant energy feed and it contains no indigestible material

Sugar solution is also important for stressed chicks or chicks who are a bit too weak to eat. A little bit of sugar in a teaspoon of sugar, then carefully fed to just the chick(s) that need it via an eye dropper. It gives them a quick boost that might just help them over the hump.

A VERY SMALL amount of sugar, pinch of salt and a pinch of plain salt substitute (Potassium Chloride) ina quart of water for just hatched chicks. Serves as an electrolyte solution. The sugar gives them an energy boost. Just a one day thing when they move from the incubator to the brooder

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