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Tricks petrol attendants use to steal fuel from customers


Here are the Tricks that you should be aware of.

1 Recall

Recall On the fuel dispenser there is usually a button labelled ‘Recall, TIM/CAL’ or any other label, depending on the machine. The essence of the button is to enable the attendant to see past sales.

2 Fake hang the nozzle

When the nozzle is hanged on the pump, the readings revert to zero. Fuel attendants have also found a way to manipulate it to make some money. What they do is that they gently hang the nozzle, such that it won’t click to rub off the old sales and revert to zero, so,they fake hang the nozzle,while the dispenser is still running, so if a new customer comes, they simply continue from where they stopped from the previous customer.

3 The fill up your tank system

Filling up the tank may be another way to lose money and fuel, because when the pump clicks off automatically, no additional fuel enters the tank. “Instead, fuel is likely being diverted through the pump’s vapour recovery system and back into the station’s tank, which means you are paying for petrol that you are not getting,” a report said.

4 The faulty meter

Some petrol stations have pumps with rigged meters that start ticking even before petrol starts to flow from the hose.

5 Longer dispenser pipes Pumps

save on a lot of petrol when they use long pipes. A perfectly good meter will show that a certain amount of petrol has been pumped out, but that amount hasn’t reached your tank — some of it is still in the pipe, and it goes back into the pump. Through the day, the number of litres that stations save can be enormous, making the attendant accumulate surplus cash from undispensed fuel.

6 Friendly disposition Sometimes, the trick is to seem friendly with you and make you comfortable, so you take your eyes off the fuel meter. Sometimes the attendant can even get his colleague to distract you, so he can focus on fuel pump to cheat you.

7 Nozzle manipulation It is generally found that some pump attendants keep their fingers tight on the nozzle and interrupt the flow of fuel manually. In this way, the required amount of fuel gets short. With these type of tricks, the pump staff saves probably litres of oil in a single day that accumulates to his personal surplus profit for the day.

Price indicators Motorists should be more careful with pumps that have two sides of price indicators—back and forth screen, displaying amount of money dispensed.

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