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Salary of watchmen working in qatar in kenyan shillings


A watchman is someone who is employed to guard a place, empty buildings, homesteads, or even shops at night. his or her primary duty is to deal with illegal cases at his employer’s property. A watchman can be either armed or unarmed and can spend his shift either on patrol or at their respective security desk.

All watchmen are supposed to wear uniforms, to identity them at their place of work. They are also given scanners to help them during their duties. Watchmen are usually paid according to their work experience. For instance, 2-3 years of work or maybe 6-10 years of work experience.

Their basic salary for a beginner security guard at around KES 40,000 to KES 55000 per month, while that of experienced guards ranges from KES 55000 to KES 100,000 per month. Their pay is favourable and fair compared to other occupation

What is your opinion regarding their monthly pay?

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