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Man with just ksh 180 wakes up to find ksh22.3 million it. Bank confirmed it


A 41-year-old man, identified as Urslaan Khan, went to bed with just £1 (KSh 180) but woke up to find £122k (over KSh 22.3 million) in it.

Daily Mail reported that Urslaan, from East London, immediately said the transaction to his bank, Gatehouse Bank.

Being the fine, upstanding citizen that he is Urslaan did the right thing and told his bank they must have made a mistake, only for them to tell him everything was okay and the money was his.

Why did bank make a U-turn?

He said it ‘took them 24 hours to realise their mistake’ and in that time he had the power to ‘transfer it out my bank to another account’.

According to Daily Record, Urslaan returned the money to the bank on October 2 and had this to say about the whopping error: “I had £1 in my savings account. I’d set up a standing order, where £200 is meant to drop from there into my current account, but I didn’t have the money in there for that to happen. “When it did, I went to check my balance – and it said £122k. It’s not only the case that they put the money in my account – they even allowed me to transfer it over to my Barclays account.”

People have ended up in prison for spending money they received due to a banking error, so it’s really just best if you act like the cash isn’t yours and tell the bank they’ve messed up.

Definitely don’t be the guy who gets some unexplained money, abandons his business, buys a house and then when someone official asks what’s going on tell them everything as though it’s totally normal.

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