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How Kenya police payslips look after latest pay increase


A newly recruited constable police officer will now earn a monthly salary of Sh21,645 in the latest salary review released by the National Police Service Commission (NPSC).

The new salary scales which affect all uniformed officers including civilian staff within the service show that officers on their ranks and years in service- have an increase of between Sh1,255 to Sh9,439 in the new pay.

Commission’s Chairperson Eliud Kinuthia while handing over the third remuneration review cycle for 2021-2025

A long-serving constable who has been earning Sh38,975 per month will now receive Sh40,354 in the enhanced pay while a new corporal officer will have Sh27,879 in the new pay.

A corporal currently earns Sh26,500.

For a recently promoted sergeant officer, the new salary scale shows they are set to take home Sh38, 829 up from the current Sh36, 450 whereas a long serving in the same rank will earn Sh55,049 up from Sh53, 570.


A recently promoted senior sergeant police officer will now receive an additional Sh1, 379 in their pay slips raising their monthly salary to Sh41, 649 while a senior officer in the same rank gets Sh60, 449 up from Sh58, 820.

A senior officer in the rank of an Inspector of Police (IP) has received a boost of Sh1,629 and will now earn Sh64,379 from the current Sh62, 750 with the lowest but the same rank getting Sh 44,369 from Sh42,940.

Similarly, a chief inspector whose pay basic salary has been capped will now enjoy Sh71,789 from Sh 68, 720.

Junior officers in the same rank will earn Sh49, 769 up from Sh47, 290.

Those in the rank of Assistant Inspector general of police, on their part, are set to earn Sh218, 269 while a commissioner of police which is held by a county police commander will receive Sh156, 229 with the lowest in the same rank getting Sh106, 929 in the new pay.

A Senior Assistant Inspector General which is the third highest rank in the service whose pay has been increased to close to Sh10, 000 will be receiving Sh298, 529 basic salary, a growth from Sh289, 090.

A new entrant in the same rank will earn Sh200, 889 up from Sh189, 640.

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