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3 graduates making millions from pineapple wastes

Pineapple shoes

When Olivia Okinyi, Mike Langat, and Angela Musyoka launched Pine Kazi, their intention was to use pineapple waste to make shoes that are good for the environment.

Pineapple shoes

The trio, who are alumni of Africa Nazarene University, employ the youth to assist them in gathering abandoned pineapple debris from farms After being delivered to the production facility, the pineapple trash is separated, cleaned, and made into sustainable textiles

Three innovative Kenyans are providing a sustainable alternative to traditional leather by manufacturing eco-friendly shoes and handbags from pineapple waste.

After seeing the enormous amounts of pineapple debris at a pineapple farm in Thika, Kiambu county, the trio decided to start the company. The enormous heap of trash inspired the three to consider a business venture that would allow them to use the waste effectively. This prompted them to establish Pine Kazi.

Retail prices for the shoes are KSh 6,900, while wholesale costs are KSh 5,600. According to the African Development Bank, Pine Kazi has received numerous honors and recognitions since its founding, most notably the title of 2021 Fashionomics Africa contest winner.

Pine Kazi acknowledges that even with their brand’s tremendous success, building a successful business has its ups and downs.

Since its establishment, Pine Kazi has won several honours and recognitions, most notably the 2021 Fashionomics Africa contest winner, as reported by the African Development Bank. They were also named regional winners of the 2019 Amman Prize and the Hult Prize winner at the Nairobi Summit in 2023.

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