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Wife of former powerful minister now selling chapati to make living

Ruth akinyi

Most people are familiar with Mrs. Ruth Akinyi as the contentious ex-wife of Rarieda MP and former Foreign Affairs Minister Raphael Tuju.But not everyone is aware of how much the former Tuju’s lover’s life declined after their breakup

Ruth akinyi

According to The Standard, when she and her pastor husband split up years ago, Akinyi couldn’t continue to live the opulent lifestyle she had before.Akinyi reportedly compelled to get up extremely early in order to prepare matumbo and chapatis in her hotel on Mombasa Road, according to the account.

When The Nairobian visited her restaurant for lunch, we noticed that Akinyi, who declined to be interviewed, has an employee stationed at the entrance to woo potential clients because the establishment has several competing restaurants.

Akinyi, however refused to speak to a reporter from Kenya Poa about her new venture and life after Tuju.But her current world is definitely far removed from what she knew for the better of her married life and her lover Tom Ogunda was eliminated mysteriously in Nairobi.

Mr. Tom Ogunda was also adamant before he was killed that he was a guest of Tuju’s wife. He stated, “It was not trespassing because I was invited, that is not trespass – I was invited by Mrs Tuju,” A divorce case filed by Tuju was finalized in 2013 against his wife whom he accused of cheating in court. In a sworn affidavit, he had said that he can no longer live with his wife Ruth Akinyi Wanjare, for openly cheating on him with the former GSU officer.

Tuju and Ruth got married on November 15, 1986 and have three children. In his petition, Tuju had claimed that Ruth had gone as far as bringing Tony to his home in Karen and at one point rented him an apartment in Ngong.

In court documents, the former Minister promised to pay off Akinyi’s debt for the $180,000 bank automobile loan in two equal monthly installments of $90,000 and to give her a maintenance stipend of Sh200,000 each month notwithstanding her suffering.Tuju had also pledged to cover any medical expenses his wife could accrue.She allegedly sold chapatis even though she carried on living her life for some time after that.


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