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Remember the Margaryan brothers ? This is what happened to them


Artur Margaryan and Artur Sargasyan (described as possibly also being Russian or Czech nationals) amazed and shocked Kenyans with their connections to the highest office in the land. As if that was not bad enough, By then Winnie Wangui Mwai declared that she wanted to marry Mr. Margaryan. Questions that were immediately raised by the Kenyans on why they were allowed to use the official Government of Kenya VIP Visitors Lounge are still hanging in the air, despite the report that was presented to President Kibaki

Artur Margaryan and his brother Artur Sargasyan, threw lavish parties, drew guns, and flashed cash, amidst claims that they were mercenaries, hit-men, drug dealers and arms traffickers.

It emerged that the Government knew that the Artur brothers could be international crooks on the run with forged Armenian passports. Even more shocking, the police knew that the man presenting himself as Artur Margaryan could be a dangerous criminal using a passport reportedly stolen in Armenia, making his real identity a mystery.

The saga came to light in early 2006 when Artur Margaryan and Artur Sargsyan entered the country claiming to be businessmen and management consultants. But none of that was visible as they went about town partying with abandon and breaking the law. Though landing from Dubai, they said they had come from Armenia and claimed to have blood relations with the Kenya’s Prime Minister. Their passports, however, were only stamped Dubai as their country of origin. It later would emerge they operated from Dubai but travelled on fake papers from their country of origin, Armenia.

The straw that broke the camel’s back came when the two brothers stormed Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) brandishing guns and threatening airport staff and passengers. They were immediately arrested and deported back to Dubai.

After their arrest during a late-night raid prompted by an assault on a customs officer at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, the swift action was made without even the regular court hearing.

A report by Nation at the time indicated that the two had assaulted a customs officer at the airport in an incident in which guns were involved.

After the incident, their home in Runda was raided and a number of guns found as well as ammunition and balaclava helmets.

After the incident, the two, alongside their accomplices were declared persona non grata and banished from ever setting foot in Kenya.

“The government declared their continued presence in the country undesirable and ordered their immediate deportation,” a police statement indicated at the time

Alexander Tashchi and Mr. Arman Damidri were the two guys who were expelled together with the brothers.

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