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After receiving strange gift on wedding day, my Marriage ended after 3 months and husband lost his job to date

Photo of @gettybree

Many short-lived marriages begin because couples assume things will change for the better once they’re wed but it’s not always the case.

Photo of @gettybree

You may not believe me, but what I am about to tell you is the real truth. Not everyone you invite likes your wedding. One or more guests wish that your wedding had not taken place.

Family wrangles is the number one cause of cursed wedding gifts. There may be members within both families who, for one reason, or another, wish your wedding did not take place. The second source of cursed gifts are the disappointed friends.

The bride or groom may have an angry admirer within the invited guests. Such guests feel that this would have been their wedding day. They revenge by carrying with them cursed gifts.

The third category are guests with sheer jealousy. Malicious guests do not want to see you smiling in your wedding glory. All these vexed guests pray that your marriage is kept in problems, or ends in divorce.

A woman instagram by name @gettybree has narrated how her marriage ended after 3 months and husband mysterious losing job to date after they found bat as one their wedding gift box.


Here is what she posted in Instagram

It’s really unfortunate for her but evil people do exist and are roaming.

Do not open any gift on the night of your wedding. It is better that all the gifts are kept somewhere for two or three days. During this time, pray that God reveals to you if there is any defiled gift. Invite one or two Godly partners to pray for these gifts before they are opened.

Bind and cast away any evil spirit on these gifts. Finally, cover all the gifts with the Blood of Jesus Christ and the fire of the Holy Spirit. These prayers will neutralize any curse that was intended to harm your marriage.

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