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Meaning of GKA and GKB in government


A number plate is an indication of status or rank in society. It’s also a way to distinguish dignitaries on the road. This is why many strive to customize their number plates such as getting their name or favourite number permanently linked to their automobile. Additionally, there’s a meaning behind every number plate that many aren’t aware of.

The first vehicle to be registered in Kenya was in 1920 and they adopted a rather simple numbering system. Each district had an assigned letter. For instance, Kiambu district was N and Kisumu was E, followed by a serial number of Y-XXXX. The K-prefix system started in the 1950s. This system has evolved to accommodate more registration.

Potentially some of the most stable roadworthy vehicles on Kenyan roads, government cars are often seen ruling the highways at high-speed.

At the front and back bumpers, their number plates come in aesthetically prepossessing designs, which are obviously conspicuous to the eye

Boldly stretched across the plates, GKA, GKB, and GKC are categories of registration that identify government cars.

First, GKA stands for Government Kenya Administration. This number plate is usually issued to vehicles in use by senior government officials or executives who might be attending meetings, visiting foreign countries etc. This number plate also allows these officials to get preferential treatment while driving on the roads.

Second, GKB stands for Government Kenya Bodies. This number plate signifies a vehicle used for government business, such as in a ministry, office or department. This is the most common type of government vehicle plate used.

Because government licence plates are only meant to be used for official purposes, public officials are given special consideration when driving. Government vehicles are usually driven more cautiously and professionally than public vehicles, which are usually driven irresponsibly and threaten other road users.

Furthermore, the government tracks the whereabouts of its vehicles using the number plates to ensure correct use. This maximises safety and efficiency by keeping government automobiles from being driven to places they shouldn’t be and allowing the government to monitor their movements.

To ensure the efficacy and security of government vehicles, Kenya generally employs two unique government number plates, GKA and GKB. It proves that the government is acting effectively in monitoring and securing these vehicles to protect Kenyan citizens’ rights and general welfare.

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