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The ony 2 countries in world coca cola is not sold and why


In 2013, Coca-Cola brought its product to Myanmar after relations between Myanmar and the international community began to improve. Today, the popular assertion is that Cuba and North Korea are the only two countries where Coca-Cola is not officially sold.

Coca-Cola’s website claims that Coca-Cola is available in “over 200 countries” but there are actually only 196 independent countries on the planet. Further inspection of the Coca-Cola list reveals that numerous countries are missing (such as East Timor, Kosovo, Vatican City, San Marino, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan—you get the picture). Therefore, the assertion that Coca-Cola is missing only from Cuba, and North Korea is most likely a falsehood.

Additionally, in looking at the Coca-Cola website list, it is obvious that more than a dozen listed “countries” are not countries at all (such as French Guiana, New Caledonia, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, etc.). Thus, while Coca-Cola is widely distributed, there quite a few independent countries where the beverage is not available. Nonetheless, Coca-Cola likely remains the most widely distributed American product on the planet, even exceeding McDonald’s and Subway restaurants.


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