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Meet William ruto youngest son who wants to be president in future


George Kimutai Ruto, the last born son of President William Ruto, has remained relatively low profile compared to his older siblings. Known for his reserved nature, George often avoids the public eye, focusing instead on his personal interests and education.

George is one of seven children in the Ruto family. He has an older brother, Nick Ruto, who is a lawyer and frequently seen in public with their father. George, however, prefers to stay out of the limelight. He first captured public attention in 2018 when he accompanied his father on a visit to Uganda. His casual attire and confident demeanor, particularly his firm handshake with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, made him an instant internet sensation.

Though much of George’s life is kept private, it’s known that he is pursuing his education diligently. His academic pursuits are complemented by a keen interest in technology and entrepreneurship, much like his father’s early interests in business before entering politics.

Despite his preference for privacy, George occasionally steps into the public sphere during significant family events. For instance, he was notably present and well dressed at his sister June Ruto’s wedding, demonstrating his close knit family ties and his father’s influence in shaping his demeanor and public interactions.

While George’s future ambitions are not publicly detailed, there is speculation that he may follow in his father’s political footsteps or venture into business. His reserved yet impactful appearances suggest a potential for leadership and a continuation of the Ruto family’s legacy

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