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Meet Raila’s Daughter who did housekeeping job in the US to make ends meet


Rosemary Odinga was born in August 13, 1977 . She is an established entrepreneur, an advocate for alternative agriculture and proponent of social equality from Kenya. She among the few people who do snail farming in Africa

She started school at the Kilimani Junior Academy before later transferring to consolata primary after his father was arrested during the 1982 coup attempt so as to ecomize resources

After passing witj flying colours, She went study in America and while there, Rosemary just like other immigrant students, worked was forced to do odd jobs to make ends meet far away from home. Her designed responsibilities included housekeeping, mailroom attendantant and intern associate

After successfully completing her education, she returned home in 2007 and served as CEO of the Raila Odinga Centre , a foundation focusing on youth and education in East Africa

She is an example of beauty with brains and will among the children of former prime minister who will be expected to take over his political legacy

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