former school dreams portends a negative meaning to the dreamer. The spirit of darkness project people into the classroom of their former school. It forces and binds people to their past where they should be moving forward in life. The powers don’t usually allow people under their captivity to progress and fulfill their destiny.

The dream of seeing oneself in the former school has destroyed the glory of so many people with young talents and gifts. For example, a graduate who had finished his university for many years ago would be dreaming about her former school. This is a clear symbol of backwardness and repeated failure in life and destiny.  Many people are finding it very difficult to achieve even a little thing, others would be experiencing sharp disappointments in their relationship, marriage, finances, business etc.

The purpose of attending school is to receive education that helps a person throughout every phase of his life. When a person goes to school for example, he has the opportunity of learning new things that can change his life or someone else. When a person is graduated from the university, it means he has passed through the four walls of education.

But education with high degree of dream about the formal school leads to career and destiny disaster. former school dream means a spiritual revelation to find out the forces of darkness that has been hindering your star. This dream is a pointer that something is wrong with your foundation. Every stage of life that we have passed through forms a foundation over us.

List Of Dream About Former School The devil agenda is to make a person pass through the following meanings. These includes:



Carry-over F

Failure at the edge of breakthrough

Stagnation and worries about life

Inability to finish a course

Lack of favour Suffering and hardship

Financial struggle

See opportunities (Blessings) not be able to obtain it

Satanic bondage from the ancestral link demons

Curse of non-achievement

Sorrow and weeping

Bad luck and fake life Seeing yourself in one spot for many years


Doing things you don’t want to do but you cannot stop it Suffering from shame, disgrace and embarrassment

Mockery and self-inferiority complex Situation that provoke abuses and misfortunes

Wrong place of investment

Uncomfortable with your situation

Good things finish before it gets to your turn

Expectation always cut off Helpers change their mind Last minute false accusation and reproach

Working hard and other gets the credit Living a life without a purpose Giving up at the edge of miracle

These are many reasons why many people are dreaming about their past school. The above dream symptom shows that your foundation is very sick and calls for urgent prayers. To dream about your former place is also a hereditary weakness to particular sin.  God told Abraham that He would CURSE those that CURSED Abraham (Gen. 12:3). Anyone that made it hard for Abraham to complete his assignment, God would make it hard for them.

The dream of the former things is found in the life of those who are operating on a high degree of sin and disobedient to God. Those who refuse to help people and take them as their brothers. This dream is usually activated rejection. Rejection from a close relationship, parents and from bosom friends. It attacks ones glory and make it appear as mockery! How can a person who is supposed to have made impact in life still battling with the dream of the past? The Bible says, Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. To destroy the yoke behind this dream, you have to revive your spiritual fire.


Writing exams in the real life is pleasant and awesome. To write exams is very important to ones career development. The Bible says, Joshua 1:8, ”…for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.” There are two meanings to this dream. When you dream of writing exam with the ability of finishing the paper, that’s a dream of congratulation. That means whatever you are pursuing in life and career, you will succeed and prosper with it. Nobody pray to read to fail an exam. Never! The ability to write your papers and finish your paper with minutes put ahead above your competitors. It is a dangerous experience for a person who have prepared so hard for an exam only to notice a failure.

When you dream of writing exams without finishing it, That’s a curse of failure and non-achievement operating in your life. God wants us to make move with our talents. The moment you are almost confronted with a constant exam failure, you are on the red list of the devil.The red list of the devil is to make you repeat whatever you have started over and over again. God forbid. May you never experience such in life and marriage, in JESUS NAME. Fasting  is a good but effective weapon in dealing with kind of dream with rapt attention and concentration of the spirit. In the dream you…


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