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Inside uhuru niece new life after she was kicked out of Ruto Government


President William Ruto with former Kenyatta International Convection Centre Chief Executive Officer Nana Gecaga

She is one of the former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s relatives who wielded too much influence in the Jubilee Government.

An expert in tourism and marketing, Nana Gecaga who is the niece of former President Kenyatta, was appointed as Kenyatta International Convection Centre CEO in 2016. She went on to hold the position for the next seven years until 2022 when she was replaced amid President William Ruto’s purge on Uhuru’s top appointees.

Gecaga has served as KICC CEO since 2015 and has been in government service for 14 years

Gecaga who has worked as the CEO since 2015 expressed her gratitude to her bosses who she said have been part of her success as the KICC boss.

“In life, everything happens for a reason and a season. One of my seasons has come to an end while my next season is just starting. December 29, 2022, I end my 7 years of duty as KICC CEO and 14 years in government and successfully served three presidents of Kenya and 26 years altogether in the hospitality industry.

“I want to thank my CS Madam Peninah Malonza. I wish to thank my PS Ummi Bashir, my Chair and my entire board and of course the entire staff at KICC,” Gecaga wrote.

For the last 2 years since leaving the top government position as KICC CEO, Nana has kept a very low profile, leaving many speculating on the exact whereabouts of the 47- year old USA- educated Nana.

For the time that she has been out of government, the former KICC boss has kept her life under wraps even as speculations on her whereabouts continue to grow every passing day. So where exactly is the mother of three and what is her game plan?

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