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You can’t advise people on marriages when yours failed, presenter joyce gituro attacked


Celebrated Radio Presenter Joyce Gituro took to her official socials and advised people who claim are in marriage but they have not made if official. Gituro said untill when you have a ring on your finger, is when you can claim that you are somebody’s wife or husband. She advised ladies to stop saying they are happily married and yet what they are calling marriage has not been made official.

Upon seeing her post, a faction of netizens reacted where they disagreed with her. One netizen identified as Leornad Lenny, who is her follower commented saying, ” You can’t advice people in marriage when yours failed…” He wrote. Lenny, received replies on Gituro’s timeline saying, they are in agreement with what he had just told Joyce Gituro. They camped there telling her to for once leave married people alone to work on their marriages.

Gituro’s post has attracted thousands of comments so far. A section of netizens tend to agree with what she just said while the rest have differed with her. She further added that her marriage failed because it wasn’t made official. She had no ring on her finger, to symbolize that she had been legally married to someone. To her, without a ring on her finger, she was living a sinful life in the name of marriage. She had to walk out of her marriage simply because, as she puts it, it was sinful one. She however thanked her ex-husband for giving her children.

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