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Why this whisky bottle costs ksh4.8 million


For people who love whisky, Glenfiddich, a famous single malt Scotch whisky brand, has some wild collections called ‘Time Re: Imagined. But here’s the catch: these whiskies are really expensive, with prices ranging from £900 (about Sh123,000) to a whopping £35,000 (approximately Sh4.8 million).

This collection includes 50, 40, and 30-year-old whiskies, which are a big deal for whisky lovers who want the best quality and a sense of history in their drink. Glenfiddich says these special bottles are only available in a few places around the world, making them even more exclusive.

Mulunda Kombo, who works with Glenfiddich in Kenya, says that while there aren’t many of these whiskies available locally, they’re working on making the 30-year-old one more accessible to Kenyan buyers.

So, what’s so special about these old whiskies? Kombo explains that they honor three master distillers who spent years perfecting the art of making whisky: Hamish Robertson, David Stewart, and Brian Kinsman. Their dedication shows in every bottle, making them highly desired by Glenfiddich fans and collectors.

people are willing to pay for premium whiskies like Glenfiddich. Despite the high prices, the brand is popular among both experienced whisky drinkers and those new to the scene, thanks to its commitment to quality and its modern image.

What’s interesting is that Glenfiddich appeals to both men and women between the ages of 25 and 55. You can enjoy it in bars, at home, or at parties, either on its own, with ice, or mixed into fancy cocktail


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