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Why Raila Odinga youngest sister doesn’t want to be called Raila sister

Ruth Odinga

Ruth Odinga is Former primer Minister Raila Odinga’s Youngest Sister. Very little is known about the former Kisumu county Deputy governor who chose to keep her Private life from public limelight

Ruth Odinga

1. She was born on 28th February 1963 in Kisumu County.

2. Ruth is a family woman despite her involvement in politics and is happily married. She now has 8 grown up children with six of them being adopted

3. Despite politics, Ruth is an accomplished Business lady.

4.Ruth joined active politics ahead of the 2013 general election and lost to Governor Ranguma at the ODM nominations. She then joined the winning team as the running mate.

5. She is a university graduate of Oslo University

6. She has initiated numerous women forums including popular KENWOG.

7. She never likes to be referred to as ‘Raila sister’ because it insinuates she depends on her brother’s fame to market herself which is not the case.

8. She once confessed to having been President Uhuru’s closest friends back when they were growing up.

9. She is an alumni of Kenya high school

10. Ruth confessed to having had to sell mangoes to make some much needed extra cash while in college.

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