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Why mike sonko wife was arrested by flying squad over vehicle bought from Ruto


Flying squad officers spotted Sonko’s wife driving the car that the former governor bought from Ruto, leading to a dramatic chase and arrest.

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has recounted an incident in which his wife was arrested after a dramatic chase by flying squad officers over former President Daniel Moi’s stolen car.

While celebrating President William Ruto’s birthday on December 22, 2023, Sonko recounted that he bought a Range Rove, previously owned by Moi from Ruto at a time when the president was the Minister for Agriculture.

“19 years ago, when I was a nobody in the political arena of this country, I bought a Range Rover registration number KAQ 535W for 8,000,000/= from the then minister for Agriculture and MP Eldoret North Hon. @WilliamsRuto (current president). This motor vehicle happened to be the same one that was being used by the former retired president, the late Daniel Arap Moi.” Sonko wrote.

After buying the car, one of Moi’s cars was reported to have been stolen with detectives sent to track and recover the stolen car and arrest suspects.

“There was a time when one of Moi’s cars was reported to have been stolen, and the police mistook it for this particular vehicle that i had bought from the birthday boy through a car dealer, Mr. Nganga Mundia, who also happened to have formally introduced me to him in 2004.” He narrated.

As Sonko’s wife was driving to a supermarket in Buruburu, flying squad officers flagged the car, mistaking it for the stolen one and stopped it.

His wife however sped off, leading to a dramatic chase that would see her arrested and leave their children badly traumatized.

“I vividly remember one morning my wife and children were driving to Uchumi supermarket in buruburu when they were spotted and stopped by the flying squad team that had mistaken the car with the stolen one that belonged to the retired president. Out of panic, my wife sped off, but the flying squad team pursued her, arrested her, and confiscated the car at Buruburu police station. Our kids were not detained but got very traumatized, though.” He added.

The former governor narrated that he contacted Ruto who liaised with former President Moi’s PA to release a statement clarifying that Sonko’s car was not the one stolen.

With the registration details of the car splashed all over the media following the incident, Sonko decided to request for change of number plate but encountered obstacles.

He would once again come knocking on Ruto’s door to have the registration details of the car in question changed and got the assistance he needed without hesitation.

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