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Why Kylian Mbappe is wearing a mask in Euro 2024 and reason it’s black in colour


France captain Kylian Mbappe will wear a mask throughout the rest of Euro 2024 after breaking his nose during the team’s opening victory against Austria.

The superstar forward was left covered in blood after suffering the brutal injury when his face collided into the shoulder of Austria defender Kevin Danso, later leaving the stadium in an ambulance

Subsequent tests confirmed Mbappe did not require immediate surgery and he returned to training two days later while sporting a protective covering in the colours of the French flag, alleviating concerns that he would be ruled out of the tournament.

The ex-PSG striker was spotted training with a new specially made protective mask – painted like the France flag

However, UEFA rules state that any protective mask has to be painted in ONE colour which is the reason for Mbappe not being able to wear his fancy French one

Importance of mask

Mbappe is wearing a mask to protect his broken nose while it heals. Face masks are often worn in football, as well as other sports such as basketball, when a player has suffered a facial injury such as a broken nose, cheekbone or eye socket. The mask is worn to protect the injury and aims to prevent it from getting worse, while also allowing the player to continue participating

France boss Deschamps provided an update on Mbappe’s situation ahead of the group-stage clash against Netherlands

“Everything is going well, after the shock we had,” he said.

“Everything is evolving in the right direction. We’ll do all we can to ensure that he’ll be available. Kylian will be wearing a mask.”

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