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The Soldier who dropped atomic bomb that killed 140000 people and doesn’t regret


On 6 August 1945 at 8.15am Japanese time, an American B-29 bomber plane called Enola Gay dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. The devastation was unlike anything in the history of warfare

When the bomb exploded in Hiroshima, the city was struck by a flash of blinding light, then a giant cloud shaped like a mushroom rose into the sky.The city was immediately flattened.

Three days later, another B-29 Superfortress bomber dropped a second atomic bomb over the Japanese city of Nagasaki, marking the last time a nuclear weapon has been used in armed conflict.

Almost 140,000 people died as a result of the bomb and 70 percent of the city completely destroyed. Those who survived the atack were left with nasty injuries and extreme radiation effects

When President Harry S. Truman gave the order to drop the first atom bomb on Japan, Paul Tibbets was the man selected as the pilot of the adapted B29 called the Enola Gay.


Paul Tibbets , the man who dropped atomic bomb, is the son of a prosperous businessman. He was born in Quincy, Illinois, on 23rd February 1915. His parents wanted him to train as a doctor but instead he had a strong desire to become a pilot.

After studying medicine at the University of Florida, Tibbets entered the USA Army Air Corps at Fort Thomas, Kentucky, in 1937.

Tibbets was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in 1938. On the outbreak of the Second World War he was sent to England where he became Squadron Commander of the 340th Bomb Squadron Bombardment Group

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