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Take this item away from your kitchen. I brings UTIs abd borne infections


Homeowners are being urged to remove one particular item from their kitchen due to the health risks it can bring. Microbiologists say dishcloths can harbour millions of harmful bacteria – potentially putting you at risk of bone infections, pneumonia, UTIs, vomiting and more.

The kitchen item that harbours the most bacteria
Dr Nye warned that, actually, the most bacteria-filled item in the kitchen is dishcloths!

Speaking about a study, the doctor revealed: “90% of UK dishcloths were considered heavily contaminated with bacteria compared with 20% of toilet flush handles.

“The toilet fairs better than other kitchen areas such as the kitchen tap and worktop.”


Overall, Dr Nye recommends not using dishcloths at-all, but, if you do, you must clean and store them properly. He said: “Recommendations are to not use them, but if you do, you should be washing thoroughly after each use and rinse with an anti-bacterial detergent every two days to kill harbouring

Here are tips for cloth cleanliness:

  • Use separate cloths for the dishes, floor, drying hands and other surfaces.
  • Put washing-up brushes in the dishwasher regularly.
  • Wash your cloths regularly at hotter than 60C (ideally hotter than 80C).
  • If you don’t have a boil wash on your machine, put your dishcloths in a large saucepan with some washing powder and bring to the boil.
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