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Secretive things women do while in bathroom alone


If you’re anything like me, then you probably have a whole list of weird things you only do when you’re alone, and then another list of even weirder things you only do when you’re alone in the bathroom. Personally, when I think about how little alone time most women get to enjoy on a daily basis, between working, socializing, commuting, and running errands, it makes me feel like the weird stuff women do when they’re in the bathroom alone isn’t really that weird at all

1 look at their behind assets

I think it’s pretty ridiculous how much I look at my own behind in bathroom mirrors, but I’m pretty sure this is something most women do. Women are so conditioned to obsess over their appearance that it’s really not surprising how much we check out our own butts when no one’s watching.

2 Respond To Online D@ting Messages While We’re On The Toilet

I realize this is pretty weird, and maybe a little funny, but I also know that I’m not the only person who takes their phone into the bathroom to catch up on her dating platforms

3 Make Crazy Faces In The Bathroom Mirror

I always check out my face before I leave the bathroom, and I think that’s perfectly normal.

4 Sit On The Pot Just To Rest Our Legs & Feet

You can’t really do this one unless you’re alone, because hogging the bathroom when you don’t technically have to use it is pretty rude. But if you’ve ever worked in retail, food service, healthcare, or any other industry that requires you to stand for hours at a time, then you’ve probably gone to the bathroom just to sit on the toilet and rest your feet and legs before.

5 Just Fart Super Loud

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being able to fart super loud in the privacy of an empty women’s room.

6 Wash Our Stinky Armpits In The Bathroom Sink -sometimes a spur of the moment, underarm-sink-bath is necessary

7 Check Our Noses For Boogers

8 Wonder If We Should Change Our Tampon After Pooping

9 Trim Our Toenails/Fingernails While We’re On The Toilet

10 Check Our Chin For Hairs

11 Emotional release

12.  Make up application


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