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Secret Note that was in Moi’s bible before he died. It’s powerful


Daniel Arap Moi was born into a low-income peasant family in the Rift Valley of British colonial Kenya. Daniel Arap Moi is one of post-independence Africa’s longest-living leaders. However, his ignominious resignation at the end of 2002, 24 years after taking office, when the successor he had groomed was soundly defeated, exposed the true character of his rule.

Born Toroitich, Moi spent his early years in Kurieng’wo village in Baringo, western Kenya, with his brother caring for the few sheep and goats that his father, a herdsman named Kimoi arap Chebii, had left when he passed away when Moi was four.

His paternal uncle enrolled him in a Protestant missionary elementary school, where he adopted the name Daniel as his Christian name. After finishing his secondary education at a different missionary school, he enrolled at the government school in Kapsabet, which is located 100 kilometres from his birthplace. He would walk to and from school every term.

His uncle, a prominent local figure, chose him to enrol in the Christian Africa Inland Mission school in 1934. As a result, he decided to devote his life to joining the Evangelical church.

He was a serious man who was frequently referred to be a professor and political philosopher. In addition to being a man of politics, Moi was a devout Christian.

The former president watched as individuals he had previously imprisoned took power while sitting calmly, intimidated, and humiliated. At the time, a Gallup survey found that Kenyans were the world’s most upbeat people. We believed that Kenya had changed for the better.

Since then, none has denied that Moi’s rule was a textbook example of a dictator’s rule. In 1982, he made Kenya a one-party state and oversaw corruption, political killings, and other violations of human rights. His dictatorship allegedly used guidance from Nicolae Ceaușescu’s Romanian secret police to set up a renowned torture cell in the basement of the Nairobi provincial headquarters, where dissidents were beaten and imprisoned. Nobody could have predicted that Moi would get tributes after his away.

Daniel Arap Moi, who died at the age of 95, had written a letter that he put inside his Bible before he died. This statement was written when Moi gave in to demands from the world community to reinstate multi-party politics.

The typical digital revealed that a message was found discreetly tucked within Moi’s Bible as he passed away. The memo was reportedly made on May 8, 2005, while Moi was taking notes during a liturgy at Kabarak Chapel. He had no idea that the note he had written in his Bible would last till his death.

He scribbled a verse from Genesis 28:17 under the notation that said, “Gate to Heaven” on the paper. He went on to say, “Step by step, step by step, I will follow Jesus, Everyday all the way.” Every time he felt the need to change his bible, he just moved the small piece of paper there to keep it close by hand.

The close family acquaintance asserted that Mzee Moi kept his Bible with him at all times up until the moment he was summoned to the Lord, demonstrating a strong connection to his Almighty God and creator.




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