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Secret meaning of your passport colour


Beforehand, you should know that there are four main colors that are green, red, black, and blue. The color of the passport is nothing more nor less than the emblem of a government. Based on the country’s political and cultural preferences, as well as their belonging to a region of the world, it is the States themselves that define the color of the passport’s cover.

1 The green passport: The color of faith

Most Muslim countries have green passports because this color is considered as Prophet Muhammad’s favorite. A passage from the Quran mentions “green clothes worthy of the people of paradise”. In the Muslim religion, green is also a symbol of eternity.

Green also concerns several West African countries, such as Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Ghana, and Senegal, as well as the members of Economic Community of West African States. (ECOWAS).

2 The red passport: a pigmented story

The red passport is the most popular in the world. The members of the European Union (except for Croatia) opted for bordeaux red in order to introduce “a common passport model for the countries of the European Union”. Note that the United Kingdom will regain its navy blue color from October 2019.

Historically communist regimes like China or Russia have also opted for this colorful choice. However, Cuba and Laos have navy blue passports. This is not an absolute truth.

3 The blue passport: The color of the new world

After red, blue is the second most common color in the world for passports. The Blue precious document represents the “new world”.

The countries of the American continent are particularly fond of the blue color. United States, Argentina, Costa Rica, El Salvador Brazil, Canada, Venezuela, Guatemala, Paraguay, Uruguay, … The list is long.

4 The black passport: A worldwide rarity

Black passports have adopted the rarest color. It is the choice of Malawi, the Republic of Tajikistan, the Dominican Republic, and Trinidad & Tobago.
This is also the case of New Zealand for cultural reasons, because as many know from the All Blacks team, it’s the color of the country.

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