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Rush immediately to next hospital if you see these signs


At times, we ignore simple symptoms thinking that they might get alright in the near future or just by taking some rest. When you experience a sudden or severe onset of some symptoms, it’s important to be seen and treated without further delay. Look for an emergency room near you to get these problems treated. If you’re living in and around the Lufkin area, the emergency medical services at Hope ER are designed to treat life-threatening injuries as well as minor health problems, regardless of your age or the severity of your illness.

1 Shortness Of Breath

There are many leading causes behind shortness of breath ranging from weight gain to heart attack, stroke, blood clots, asthma and lung infections. Regardless of age and time of the day, anyone can experience this problem. But, if it is severe, sudden, and significantly limits your activities, get yourself diagnosed immediately to chalk out what is the exact cause and take the suitable treatment.

2 Fainting or Sudden Weakness

On-going dizziness, fainting, and weakness are based on several causes such as infections, allergies, or cardiac or neurologic conditions. These all conditions signal one thing, rush to your doctor for the check-up. If you happen to experience sudden weakness in any of the limb or facial muscle, look for the emergency room near you and get it checker because it can be a possible symptom of stroke.

3 Blood in Urine or Stool

Never ever you should find blood in your urine or stool. If you spot so, it’s important to schedule an appointment with a physician to know the exact cause and decide on a treatment plan. Blood in the urine is caused by some kind of infection in the urinary tract or kidney. While for stool it can be the sign of something dangerous. No matter the symptoms and the amount of blood, discuss with your doctor.

4 continuis Vomiting

Although not at all pleasant, vomiting is caused by various conditions such as stomach flu or food poisoning. The leading cause is viral gastroenteritis or food poisoning. The vomiting conditions can be stabilized with home care, proper rest and check in with your primary care doctor. If you spot blood in the vomit, followed by chronic stomach ache, head to the emergency room. Another important factor with vomiting is dehydration.

Other Things To Consider

You should always rush to the emergency room if you happen to inhale smoke or poisonous fumes, consumed a toxic substance, fractured your bone(s), are experiencing severe allergic reaction, suffered a serious burn, had a swelling or hives or any sort of suicidal thoughts keeps on coming up every now and then.


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