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Reason why football stars cut holes in the socks while playing


In recent years, fans have noticed their favourite stars with holes in their socks – but what is the reason behind this?

So, why do some footballers cut holes in the back of their socks before heading out to play?

The answer is that they are trying to reduce their chances of suffering a calf injury.

Football socks are predominantly made of nylon, a super-tight plastic material which takes time to stretch out. That means they’re pretty snug when fresh out of the packet before the matches, as top-level players sport brand new pairs every time they take to the pitch.

The theory goes that the form-fitting nature of the fabric means players’ circulation can be slightly restricted around the calves, potentially leading to cramp and/or muscle tightness.

The players are looking to avoid that, so use a pair of scissors to make holes around the widest points of their calves in order to reduce the pressure.

Saka has been sporting socks with holes on a regular basis since breaking into the Arsenal first-team, while England colleagues Kyle Walker and Nick Pope and Jude Bellingham have previously been spotted with the chopped up hosiery too. Plenty of other players appear to have done the same.


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