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Pupil dies after drinking juice cola with her friend


Titus Odinti is grappling with the unimaginable grief of losing his 12-year-old daughter, Michel Akoth

The young girl tragically succumbed to ingesting a lethal dose of pesticide, a mishap that has left her family shattered and financially burdened

The heartbreaking incident unfolded when the 12-year-old, a Grade 8 student at Oten Primary School in Homabay County, visited a friend’s house.

Michel and her friend reached for what they believed to be a refreshing drink of juice-cola, unaware that the container they used to prepare the drink had remnants of insecticide.

Her friend, who also consumed the poisonous substance, was fortunate to survive after receiving immediate medical attention.

Here are some reactions

Maria ndungu – We drank it when we were young and children still taking it … Something must have been done to that exact juice cola. 🥺

Princ charming- Not all friends are good, whether young or old, may be she had her own illness or maybe not, again as parents lets always be sharp in bringing up our children and try to choose friends for them when at younger age and let God lead. Pole sana.

Naomi gabriels – But I also drunk juice cola sana sana and it wasn’t harmful. The only caution was dilute it do not use it like glucose …. something is not adding up. So she drunk it alone what about her friend??



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