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Men are always afraid to approach me and marry me because i am too tall


A media personality named presenter Ali shared a video on his YouTube channel where a lady named Lupiter narrated her life journey and what she goes through due to her height. Lupiter is a model where she has been modeling for 11 years and has been crowned the queen of streets by her fans.

Lupiter said that modelling was her passion since she was young and she would just admire models who were queens in the media. She added that the things she experienced while she was young also inspired her to be a model. She said that what she went through with her relatives after her parents’ death inspired her to work hard so as to become a model.

Lupiter recalled the hustles she did before her life got better where she was once a house manager and a time came where she was even homeless. She recalled how she went to live with her baby daddy who was violent to a point he almost killed her by stabbing her. She said that since that time she has been a single mother and her baby daddy is never responsible for his son

Lupiter went ahead to say that it is her dream to change the life of people who live in Turkana by providing food to them. Lupiter went on to talk about how she overcomes negative attitudes from the public by saying that she always ignores negative vibes and seek strength from God.

Lupiter talked about her height and she said that she is 6,5 feet and she added that she is proud of her tallness. She said that her height disturb her when it comes to relationship for men are always scared of approaching and loving her. However she said she likes herself the way she is. Watch the full story in the video below and share your opinion on the comments section.


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