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Meet the lady behind safaricom mteja wa nambari uliopiga sound

Safaricom mteja wa nambari

Safaricom is arguably the largest telecommunications provider in Kenya, and one of the most profitable companies in the East and Central Africa region having grown tremendously over the years.

Safaricom mteja wa nambari

Whenever you call someone who has switched off simcard, users are usually met with a Gentle and soothing voice ‘”mteja wa nambari uliopiga hapatikani kwa sasa”.it’s a voice that may be frustrating or even annoying to hear for some people.

The lady behid the common swahiki version of “mteja wa nambari uliopiga” has been identified as Maggie Wazome.

Wazome emerged victorious after beating 15 other ladies who were shortlisted to record the popular automated notification way back in 2000. She recieved this good news 4 months after she did the interview.

Due to her good work, she has been promoted and is currently a support analyst at Safaricom’s customer care department based at Jambo Contact Centre along Mombasa Road

Apart from work she is a married woman and proud mother of two children. Wazome loves her family and social life because according to her , the job fits very well in her life.

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