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Man who found lady in bar and took her home for good time..the worst has happened

Lady in bar

A man is confused after lady he brought home did the unexpected and is now asking for your advise. Here is his story below

Lady in bar

“The Lady you seeing on this picture by my side, we met on Friday at a bar, I don’t know her from anywhere. I actually, bought her food, 4 bottles of beer & took her home that night. one thing led to another, we had good time till morning hoping that she will go her way but she pleaded with me to spend another night again, I accepted, we had another marathon again till day break.

So, this morning, I woke up to prepare for sunday church service, gave her 6k for her Transport fare & ask her to go before I come back & drop the key under the mat at the door for me. But to my greatest surprise, I came back & met her, she has cleaned up the entire house, washed my clothes & even prepared food with the money that I gave her. When I asked her why she didn’t go, she said to me “I don’t want to go, You’ve been so nice to me, you’ll be a Good Husband”

At this moment, I’m just confused because she is no way even close to my Choice & i really want her gone as soon as possibly by all means..

Please, what should i do in this situation?”

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