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Lady working in Saudi Arabia killed shortly after making distress call home

Syvilia waithara

The body of Silvia Waithira, a Kenyan woman who tragically died in Saudi Arabia eight months ago, has finally returned home for burial.

Syvilia waithara

The delay in repatriating her body had sparked a wave of grief and anger among her family and the community. According to a heartfelt post by Reverend Mercy Nungari on Facebook, Waithira’s death in Saudi Arabia has been shrouded in controversy and heartache.

Silvia was accused of stealing gold, an accusation she vehemently denied in a recorded voice message before her untimely death. In the message, Waithira expressed her distress and pleaded for prayers, speaking to her sister about the turmoil she had faced due to the incident of the missing gold. The mystery surrounding her death has left her family and friends demanding answers and justice.

“Silvia Waithira; we are sorry that your body stayed for more than 8 months in a foreign land. You didn’t deserve this at all. May the Lord judge harshly those who killed you,” Mercy wrote.

Here are some reactions

Esther kabeni – May God protect our brothers n sisters in Gulf. Go well waithera its unfortunate

Monic miano – May Jehovah God protect and preserve our pple as they go out to look for employment Lord God almighty remember mercies…. condolences to the family and friends of this gal may her soul rest well

Mary wangari – I understand when you are working for these people you stay indoors ever, did they search her?? wickedness!! May God quicken their judgment

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