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Inside the mind of silent billionaire and how she coped with her marriage


Esther Muchemi is the CEO and owner of Samchi group. She started by working in corporate sector before she started her own company and partnering with safaricom.

Esther has revealed that before she started her own company she was earning very well but all that changed when she wanted to be her own boss and her perseverance has made her one of the billionaires in the country.

Even though she was successful, she has revealed that she faced so many challenges in her marriage to the extent that she was almost mentally sick. She then visited a psychiatrist who recommended her to stop worrying a lot.

Her husband who was a military officer used to come home very late in the night everyday and this was what affected Esther the most. Even after he realised her mental state was not good he still continued coming late.

To protect herself, Esther stop bothering with what he was doing and concentrated on her growth and mental health. He could come home late and she could not ask him any questions.

This made him feel guilty, but on her end she began enjoying herself and the things she liked doing. Her business also started thriving and that’s how it grew to be where it is right now.

Her advice to young people is they should take care of their mental state and should not let their happiness be dependent other person. They should come together as individuals and only influence each other positively.

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