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Inside prophet Awour Mansion in Runda worthy ksh350 Million


Prophet David Owuor is one of Kenya’s most influential preachers, and spreading the gospel earned him fame and fortune.

Owuor leads a life a few politicians can afford, including moving around in a fleet of high-end cars with police escorts

A clip published on YouTube has offered a glimpse of a luxurious mansion allegedly belonging to the scholar.

The clip posted in social media depicted Owuor leaving a sprawling two storey-mansion in Kenya. The all-white building featured modern architecture and a glass balcony. Several buildings were seen behind the main house.

The mansion sits on a massive compound with cabro paving and sections of lush green grass. Like the house, the compound is surrounded by a towering white wall. Tens of vehicles were parked on the driveway alongside two police outriders. Owuor’s favourite vehicle, a Cadillac Escalade, was strategically parked outside the front door.

The Ministry of Holiness and Repentance founder emerged from the house wearing a yellow and black outfit. He exchanged pleasantries with the people outside the home as they ran around to meet his needs. Before hopping inside the Cadillac, the preacher instructed them on which vehicles to board.

The clip showed the majestic gate at the residence, also done in white. Kenyans reacted by thanking God for uplifting Owuor through his ministry:


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