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Inside isaac mwaura 6 bedroom bungalow with waterfall


Isaac Mwaura is a prominent figure in Kenyan politics, known for his unwavering advocacy for the rights of disabled individuals in the country.

Despite facing personal challenges, including albinism, Mwaura has risen to prominence as a passionate advocate for inclusivity and social justice.

Mwaura was born in Githunguri, Kiambu County in 1982 and faced prejudice and discrimination from the neighborhood for being an albino.

Mwaura has a bachelor’s degree in special education, french studies and Japanese from Kenyatta University.

Additionally, he has two master’s degrees; Masters in Arts in Development Studies from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (South Africa) and Masters in Arts in Social and Public Policy Studies from the University of Leeds (United Kingdom).

He is the current Government Spokesman of Kenya, a former Senator as well as a former Cabinet Administrative Secretary (CAS) – Deputy Minister in the Office of Prime Cainet Secretary.

Apart from politics is a man who has invested his wealth in his mansion that cost kshs 30 Million.Take and look the mansion

Mwaura said he designed the house and completed construction in 2014, costing KSh 30 million. The six-bedroom house has a double garage on the ground floor and features a concrete fence and CCTV cameras.

From the outside, the house has a distinct and elegant design, featuring a mix of architectural styles.

The roofing is a green, pitched style with multiple gables and dormer windows that bring natural light into the upper floors.

A significant feature of the house is the round, turret-like structure with a conical roof and a balcony that wraps around it, which is connected to the main building

The exterior walls are a blend of exposed stone on the lower sections and what appears to be stucco or a similar material on the upper levels, painted in a creamy beige color.

The interior is elegantly furnished with blue sofas and light fixtures imported from China. Mwaura’s home has a gym and a huge flat-screen TV, among other pricey purchases, but the most cherished is a memorial to his late children. The multilingual politician with a grasp of seven languages welcomed triplets with his wife, Nelius Mukami, but two died.


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