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Influential man who owns citi hoppa buses in Nairobi


Citi Hopper is a Limited Company which is duly registered. Citi Hoppa started operations in March 23rd 2004, with four buses.

It grew exponentially two years later with a focus on larger capacity buses and consistent superior service. It boasts of fleet of over 250 buses serving commuters within Nairobi City County and its environs.


Last year, Citi Hoppa purchased six Mercedes-Benz MB-917 buses from DT Dobie and were deployed to routes in and around Nairobi and they are available for hire within Kenya.

The 41 seater buses were delivered to Imelda Karaya, the Communications Liason Officer of Citi Hoppa.


Former Juja MP George Thuo is the Man behind Citi Hoppa Buses.The buses have since dominated commuter transport in Nairobi and its surrounding

Previously, George Thuo worked as an Accountant and later Managing Director of Kenya Bus Services. He left KBS to start his own Nairobi city metro transport company, City Hopper Ltd, which was a 100% family owned business. In the meantime, he was Managing Director of Trendsetters tyre company, a position he left to join politics in 2007.

He died on 17 November 2013 at Porkies Pub in Thika town, Kiambu county, Kenya

Currently , the wife of George Thuo Judy Wamaitha runs the company.

Citi Hoppa Governance Structure

City Hopper has a board of directors under who are the accounts, engineering, operations, insurance and claims and the training departments. Operations department is headed by the Designated Manager, Finance by the Chief Accountant, Insurance and claims by the Claims Manager, and Engineering by the Engineering Manager.

The operations department encompasses Operations assistants, Radio Control section, Route Marshals, Inspectors, Route controllers, Dispatchers and the Crew. Under the Chief Accountant are the accountants and cashiers where as in Engineering department are the team leaders, Mechanics and cleaners.

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