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I wish i died on that day. Why man regrets being alive


story of a Kenyan man was aired recently. The man revealed how he survived death by a whisker but today he regrets why he survived. It all started 18th November 2017 during presidential rerun between uhuru and Railaa. By that time he was working at sewing company during the night shift.

On that particular fateful day While going home early in the morning after night shift . He was attached together with their colleages by armed men who started  shooting randomly.  Unfortunately he was shot twice on the stomach during the attack. The attackers later vanished and 6 people lost their lives in the scuffle.

He was lucky to be alive and was taken to Kenyatta national hospital where he was taken to theater in a very bad condition  that everyone had lost hope in him making it But luckily regained consciousness against all odds. However, eight months later, his stomach started getting complications as result of the severe injuries sustained in the attack. NHIF haad become inactive leaving the heavy burden of bills to the family.

From that time he got high blood pressure and diabetes which has affected him to date. The company he was working for fired him because he could not work well anymore. The owner of the company compensated him with two million, but unfortunately the money was taken away by company officials including the HR. He filed a case in court and everyone who was helping him was fired by the company officials.

Company officials started threatening him to withdraw the case. He would receive even ten threatening calls in a day and he reported to DCI. His friend who was a DCI officer advised him to go back in the village which he did. As a result of threats he decided to withdraw the case and he never went back to court to demand his right. From then he has been struggling with life and taking care of his wife and two children become nightmare. Up to date the memories of the events is still fresh in his memory.

Today he can’t walk freely because of fear of security and police are still following his case. He said that today he regrets why he survived on that day and later suffer in life without any help.

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