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I was declared dead and taken to mortuary after wife poisoned me


A popular media personality shared a video on his YouTube channel where a man named Josiah Kamau narrated the hard life he encountered with his own wife who tried to kill him. Josiah said that he studied upto class 8 and he later married a woman who had two kids and together they sired 3 more children. Josiah started working as a chef in a school and he could provide for his family.

Josiah would receive rumors from people that his wife was having an affair with another man but he could just ignore them. He came to find out that the rumors were true after the man confirmed it in the presence of the area chief.

Later, his wife urged him to declare her as the next of kin for his 3 acres of land. Little did Josiah know that, that was the beginning of change for his life. He later found out that his wife was still having an affair with the guy and she would go out and stay for upto 3 days. The wife later came back and served Josiah food she had carried in her handbag

Josiah ate the food but before he could finish, he started feeling weak. A friend came to visit him only to find Josiah who was almost lifeless lying on the ground. He called on neighbors for help in taking Josiah to the hospital. Upon arrival, Josiah lost consciousness and was declared dead on arrival, taken to the mortuary; only yo wake in mortuary

Doctors realized that Josiah had not died and so he was taken to the ward for treatment. Josiah adviced people to be always wise moreso in their love relationships. Josish said that it has been 13 years since the incident and the wife left with the children. He said he once tried to talk to his children but the wife used the police to warn him against talking to his children.

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