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I don’t want to see my mother ever again. Lady gives reason 10 years down the line


Recntly , Kenyan lady was in an interview, where she talked about her ruined relationship with her biological mother. Her name is Stella Ndidi who was born and raised in Machakos county. After doing her KCPE exams she got pregnant and her mother chased her away. She told her to go and live with the father of her child which really shocked her. She left and moved in to live with her boyfriend who was by then working in Nairobi.

The pregnancy journey was very good at the beginning, but when she was eight months pregnant the husband started drinking alcohol and he turned abusive. She didn’t try to reach out to her mother again, since from the beginning she neglected her love despite being her only child. One day her husband came home very drunk, and he started beating her. By good luck she was able to escape and she started living with another woman who was selling alcohol

Unfortunately the woman had a hidden agenda, and she started doing dirty business with her which degraded her dignity. She stayed with the woman for close to four months and one of the men decided to help her rent her own house. In return the man would be coming to her house on weekend to visit. While still looking for a job she met another young man who promised to love her again.

In her new relationship things turned tough after she got pregnant for him. He was very abusive and one day he hit her stomach and she suffered a miscarriage which was very painful. She called her mother who didn’t even listen to her and instead she hanged up. She realized that every man’s agenda was to use her, and she made a decision of getting into prostitution to raise her child.

She did that business for close to one and half years before she decided to change. It all started when she met a pastor who didn’t judge her at all, and her child was still growing and he needed a good mother. She warned young women that prostitution money doesn’t help anywhere although it helped her pay her house and eat with her child.

She made it clear that it’s now ten year since she met her mother from the time she chased her away. She added that her mother chased her away during her darkest moment and she didn’t handle her like her child. She made it clear that she is not ready to meet her mother any time soon, because she feels a lot of pain and hatred in her heart. She sent a message to the mother saying she is very sorry for disappointing her, and she is still trying to build her life.

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