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Famous TikToker bewitched after getting white man for marriage


TikToker Belinda Akinyi, aka Black Beauty, has pleaded for help in a heartbreaking video she shared on TikTok

The famous TikToker, who recently told off people begging her for money, has shared a video showing her fallen face, disclosing she has been unwell

The mother two claimed that she had been witched by people envying her relationship with a Mzungu man. “I have been sick for a week now. This is too much for me. I’m dying inside. Hawa watu wameniroga kweli kweli kwa sababu ya Mzungu. Nimejaribu kutafuta matibabu nikakosa (These people have truly bewitched me because of a white man. I have tried to seek treatment but failed). Who can help me? Eti ukipenda Mzungu watu wanakuroga. Nimerogwa siwezi ona, siwezi ongea vizuri kweli kweli..(If you love a white man, people will bewitch you. I have been bewitched. I can’t see well, I’m struggling to talk). Help me. Who can help? I’m dying,” she pleaded.

Here are some reactions

Nancy pelozi – Nothing like witches,treat the disease and you will be well

Juliana melody – You people should know the importance of keeping relationships and marriages private

Mary mwaniki – Stop exposing your success… . Date mzungu na unyamaze please

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