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Don’t trust him..Finance bill 2024 becomes automatically law after 14 days if president doesn’t sign it


In Kenya, a bill can become law automatically without the President’s signature under specific circumstances outlined in the Constitution. According to Article 115(1) of the Kenyan Constitution:

1. **Passage by Parliament**: If the President neither signs nor returns the bill to Parliament within 14 days after it was presented to him, the bill becomes law automatically at the expiration of that period.

2. **Considerations by President**: During these 14 days, the President may either:
– **Assent**: Sign the bill, making it law.
– **Refer**: Refer the bill back to Parliament for reconsideration, along with any reservations the President has concerning the bill.

3. **Resubmission by Parliament**: If Parliament reconsiders the bill and passes it again with or without amendments and the President neither assents nor refers it back within 14 days of resubmission, the bill becomes law automatically.

These provisions are designed to ensure that bills are either signed into law or duly reconsidered by Parliament, thereby preventing indefinite delay by the President.


(1) Within fourteen days after receipt of a Bill, the President shall–

(a) assent to the Bill; or
(b) refer the Bill back to Parliament for reconsideration by Parliament, noting any reservations that the President has concerning the Bill.

(2) If the President refers a Bill back for reconsideration, Parliament may, following the appropriate procedures under this Part –

(a) amend the Bill in light of the President’s reservations;
(b) pass the Bill a second time without amendment.

(3) If Parliament amendeds the Bill fully accommodating the President’s reservations, the appropriate Speaker shall re-submit it to the President for assent.
(4) Parliament, after considering the President’s reservations, may pass the Bill a second time, without amendment, or with amendments that do not fully accommodate the President’s reservations, by a vote supported–

(a) by two-thirds of members of the National Assembly;
(b) two-thirds of the delegations in the Senate, if it is a Bill that requires the approval of the Senate.

(5) If Parliament has passed a Bill under clause (4)–

(a) the appropriate Speaker shall within seven days re-submit it to the President; and
(b) the President shall within seven days assent to the Bill.

(6) If the President does not assent to a Bill or refer it back within the period prescribed in clause (1), or assent to it under (5)(b), the Bill shall be taken to have been assented to on the expiry of that period

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