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Current life of Jackline Mwende whose hands were cutt of by husband


Jackline Mwende, the 28-year-old lady from Machakos County, came into the limelight in in year 2016. Her hands were allegedly chopped off by her husband in a domestic violence incident.

Mwende lost her hands and sustained serious deep cuts on her forehead which disfigured his face and was left for the dead.The man responsible is enstranged husband Stephen Ngila, a 34-year-old

Mwende said her husband, with whom she had separated, had pounced on her with a machete for allegedly failing to bear him a child.

Ngila denied the charges of assault and attempted murder on his former wife. He was released on a Sh200,000 bond.


Well-wishers rushed to her rescue, and now the 28-year-old has a new permanent house courtesy of Merck, a science and innovation organization. They honored their pledge by building her a four- roomed house, complete with solar system and a water tank.

Mwende had prosthetic limbs fixed in South Korea but depends on a help to carryout chores including cooking and bathing.

Merck foundation also started a business for Jackline Mwende to meet her expenses after the hacking incident

Mwende receives a Sh25,000 monthly stipend from a German pharmaceutical Organization


Jackline Mwende finally confessed the truth behind the horrific incident which hit headlines both nationally and internationally.

she revealed to the Daily Nation that her infidelity was the main reason behind the brutal attack.

Mwende noted that after the one-night-stand with her lover, Ngila, who had appointed his neighbours to spy on her, came back to their matrimonial house fuming with anger and armed with a machete, which he used in the assault.

She conceived about three days before the alleged attack by her husband, and she has no regrets for it because it was out of her deep-rooted desire to bear a child.


Recently, Jackline Mwende did away with her prosthetic limbs, which were acquired at a cost of Ksh10 million.According to Mwende, the artificial limbs are “expensive to maintain”.

In an interview with K24, Mwende said that she sought a doctor’s help who told her that the limbs have to be flown to South Korea.

Mwende admitted she was aware that the limbs would require servicing at some point, but she does not have the money to send them to South Korea.

Mwende, who now has a one year old son, admits she still bears a grudge against her husband who was charged with chopping off her hands.

She said she feels extremely pained when he sees him roaming around after he was released on bond.

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