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American woman who divorced husband and 4 kids for kenyan man


An American man by the name Keith was living an American dream with his wife Sarah and they had four children together. They had been together for over 10 years.

All this came crushing down when sarah decided to file for divorce because she had found another man from Kenya on the internet. The name of the Kenyan man is identified as Kevin a pastor residing in Kisii.

The two had never met face to face and only talked via Skype. Her husband could not believe this because she was ready to abandon her four kids and her husband for a stranger.

Sarah was so determined that when they went on the show of Dr. Phil, she told Kevin I love you in front of her then husband Keith and the entire audience

Most people felt Kevin didn’t like Sarah and only wanted to use her as a way to get residence in the United States of America. But she then said if that happened it would be a lesson learnt and that she would crawl back to Keith.

She had already thought of marriage and where to live. She also admitted that if the kids wanted to move with her to Africa it was okay and if not she was leaving anyways.

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