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7 signs you may have a snake living in your house or around your home


If there’s a snake in your house, you may end up hearing it before you actually see it. Jack Miller, a pest control expert and founder of How I Get Rid Of, says that hearing mysterious noises in small spaces is a common sign of a snake’s presence, especially “if it’s a sound that you’re not familiar with and it doesn’t sound like your run-of-the-mill household pests like rats.”

Michael Dean, a pest expert and co-founder of landscaping website Pool Research, says that if you’re dealing with a snake, these strange noises are likely to come from enclosed or dark spaces, such as your walls, crawlspace, flooring, or attic. Snakes are likely to make a crinkling paper noise or a slow-moving, scratching noise similar to that of sandpaper, per the Wildlife Company, an animal control company

Here are other signs

1 Shed snake skin
As snakes grow, they molt their skin and leave the shed skin behind. It can look leathery or plastic and translucent. The shed skin might be in one piece, which can be a good indicator of the snake’s size.

People with experience can tell the species of a snake just by the shed skin, which can help you determine if there is a venomous snake, such as a copperhead snake, wandering around your home. You might come across molted snake skin in the garage, basement, attic, crawl space or utility room, where snakes can hide easily.

2 Slither tracks
Snakes can leave slither tracks on dusty or dirty surfaces. The track shape can vary depending on the type of snake, its size and shape, terrain and temperature. Depending on the method of movement, tracks can appear S-shaped, accordion-style, side-winding and even straight.

3 A strange smell
Although pet snakes rarely smell strange or foul, snakes in the wild give off a noticeable, off-putting scent that people often describe as musky and gross. Snakes emit these smells from the glands on both sides of the excrement opening called the cloaca. Sometimes snakes emit the foul-smelling odor and poop simultaneously, creating an unpleasant stench in the area.

4 Strange smell
Snakes have a unique odour and it is difficult not to be identified as a ‘suspicious smell’ if noticed. The areas to check are always the same, those that are damp and seldom visited, where odours tend not to vary unless something, or someone, decides to take shelter there.

5. Decrease in rodents and birds
If there were rodents and birds around the house and recently they are no longer there, it may be a sign of the presence of snakes. A strong signal, because these animals are in fact prey to snakes.

6 Excrement
Snake droppings usually also contain bones and hair of previously ingested prey, so recognizing them should not be complicated: pay close attention

7 Burrows or holes
Burrows or holes in the garden can be a sign that a snake is present, as they like to use holes that other wild animals have created.


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