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10 Things women do only when they are truly in love with their partners


Many guys are completely in the dark when it comes to understanding how a girl really feels. Knowing the signs she is falling in love with you can help you be more on point with regards to the real situation at hand.

You see, when you’re not totally sure if she’s falling in love or not, it’s easy to hold back on how you feel as a result. You might want to tell her how you feel, but you’re scared you’re not on the same page.

They’re a lot more obvious than you probably assume. So, let’s get started and figure out whether she’s dropping any signs she is falling in love with you or not.

​1 She has seen your worst side and is still in love with you

She was with you through thick and thin. When you were fired from your job and you had no money to even pay your house rent, she was your constant support. You could share anything with her and never worry about being judged. From your worst fears to your biggest insecurities, she knows it all and still loves you immensely.

2 She guides you when you go astray

When you fight with your parents or friends and distance yourself from everyone, she listens to all your problems but at the same time she makes you realise your mistakes. She is your friend and guide.

3 She fights but do not end your relationship because of your quarrels

When a woman is truly in love with her partner, she will try to heal the differences that crop us in their relationship. For her, fights or arguments are a way to sort out their troubles

4 She loves you the way you are and does not try to change you

No two people are same and that’s what makes them unique. A woman who loves you truly would accept you the way you are. Your imperfections do not matter, because no one is perfect

5 She seeks your advice whenever she needs to take an important decision

Seeking your advice on important personal and professional issues is her way of acknowledging your role in her life. This is a sign that she considers you as a partner with whom she can share her problems and achievements. So, your opinion matters a lot

6 She wants to spend all her time with you
Any free moment she has during her day she tries to spend it either seeing you or communicating with you. If she’s spending her weeknights and weekends hanging out with you, she’s falling for you.

7 She shares her news with you first
Whether it’s good or bad news, you’re the first person she tells. This is a huge sign of you being an important person in her life.

When it comes to news, we usually only tell our closest people. If she weren’t in love with you, she wouldn’t share important information with you, at least not right away

8 She buys you things
Now, when we say “things” we don’t mean a Mercedes Benz. We’re talking about small tokens. Maybe she saw a t-shirt and thought you would like it. Or she surprised you with your favorite chocolate bar after a bad day at work. It’s a small gesture that means a lot

9 She talks about the future
She may not bring up marriage and children, it doesn’t have to be that far ahead.

But she’ll mention doing a couple’s trip in the summer or what you should do for your birthday. When a woman talks about the future, she’s talking about committing to the relationship. Looks like she’s falling in love

10 She introduces you to the important people in her life
It might not be her family right away, but she will certainly introduce you to her close friends and her inner circle.

Again, that means she sees you as someone who’s going to stick around and it’s definitely one of the signs she’s falling in love with you. If her friends tease you and say that she hasn’t stopped talking about you, that’s another great sign!

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